Worldbox Mod Apk

Worldbox Mod Apk

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App NameWorldbox Mod Apk
PublisherMaxim karpenko
App NameWorldbox Mod Apk
PublisherMaxim karpenko

What Is Worldbox Apk?

What is Worldbox Mod Apk

This simulation game lets you be a powerful god who shapes and controls the world. Using god-like powers, you can create and rule over your own planet. Even you can give birth to humans, guiding them to build shelters, manufacturing buildings, and making food. You can create various creatures like bears, sheep, pigs, deer, dinosaurs, cows, wolves, unicorns, dragons, and more.

As a being with god powers, your creative control expands to the entire world. Just keep an eye on everything because wars might happen b/w different communities.

World Box Mod Apk offers a great experience where you can check your creativity while managing your unique planet. You can create, destroy, and rule over the world, and It’s up to you to ensure the world stays peaceful. Best way to show your creativity by using power in the game.

World Box Mod Apk

WorldBox Mod Apk is like a modified version where you get all the amazing features without paying anything. It’s like getting all the premium features for free, including no subscriptions or money. With this mod version, you can do even more creative things and have extra power. You can explore the entire world that you made. Plus, you can make imaginary animals, humans, and creatures to fill your world, and you don’t have to pay for it.

Features Of World Box Apk

World Creation

Make your own world with total control over everything. Imagine having your own world where everything is under control. With the original app and Worldbox Mod, you can shape and adjust the world as you like. You’re not limited to just one world you can create multiple worlds & planets. Use the other features and tools within the app to make your world more exciting and cool.

Elemental Power

As the creator, you have full rights to control the forces of natural elements. Bring damaging incidents such as earthquakes & volcanoes, or shower your world with heavy rain. The ability to hold fortune is within your hand.

Multiplier Mode

Play with your friends and other competitors in multiplayer mode, where you can work together or compete. Many creators and players can create a world together and show off their creative side, and also you will know about your creative mind. You can do so many things, and it’s more interesting when you share it with your best friends.


In a new world, the generation needs to learn science and languages,  or make food. It’s very challenging, but by using basic tools, you can help them learn the basics easily.

Create Different Creatures

You can create different creatures, like monsters, animals, and birds. Customize them with different colors and designs.

Stunning Graphics

Games become more interesting when graphics are clear during playing that’s why this app provides you with stunning graphics for better visuals.

Select Hero

Hero is the main character of the game, you can choose any hero and give him responsibilities and duties. 

Mod Features Of World Box Mod Apk

Mod Features Of World Box Mod Apk

Ads Free

During gameplay, ads create problems for the player to solve this problem this modified version eliminates ads problems.

Premium Unlocked

Mod apk provides you with all premium unlocked features, and you can use all locked premium features for free.

Unlimited Money

Don’t worry about limited money because this modified version provides unlimited money, which can use to purchase anything you want.

Free Shopping

You don’t need to worry about money for shopping to upgrade things. In this modified version, you can freely use money for shopping for anything, including weapons, elements, and more.

Key Features Of Mod Apk

  • Customization
  • More power
  • Exploration
  • Multiple worlds
  • Community wars
  • Sound effect
  • Dynamic environment
  • Culture development
  • Weather Control

How To Download Worldbox Mod Apk

The installation process is quite simple. If you don’t know how to download it, you can follow the following steps.

  • Step 1   Open Google on your mobile
  • Step 2   Place your app name into the search bar
  • Step 3   You will see many results, then Click on the Application Worldbox Mod Apk
  • Step 4   You will see the download option, then click on it. That’s it, and the mod apk will be installed on your phone.


You have the awesome power of creating the world in the Worldbox Mod Apk game. It lets you play around with stuff like wars and disasters and create cool civilizations. Imagine it as a magic stick that you can use to make your virtual world. Further, this mod apk provides you with unlocked features that are locked in the original app.


The modified version is differently safe for your device. Without any hesitation, you can install it on your mobile.

Without paying any cost, you can freely download and use this app on your mobile phone.

Yes, you can definitely download it on IOS.

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