Download ESPACIO app on Scarlet iOS

Download ESPACIO app on Scarlet iOS

Imagine having a personal assistant and travel guide for your hotel stay, all in one app. That’s what ESPACIO aims to be. ESPACIO aims to create a seamless and enjoyable guest experience by bridging the gap between guests and hotels through a user-friendly mobile app.

For tech-savvy travelers seeking convenience and personalization, ESPACIO shines. It streamlines your stay, saving time and effort while tailoring the experience to your preferences. Access local information, book services, adjust your room environment, and connect with staff, all at your fingertips.However, ESPACIO isn’t without its drawbacks. Technology dependence, potential learning curves, and limited functionality in some hotels might deter less tech-inclined users. Additionally, privacy concerns and accessibility limitations warrant consideration.

Before Your Stay

  • Browse Hotel Details: Explore amenities, services, menus, spa treatments, local attractions, and area guides with pictures and interactive maps.
  • Plan Your Adventure: Book dining reservations, spa treatments, local tours, or activities from the app.
  • Check-In Online: Skip the front desk wait and save time by completing check-in formalities through the app.
  • Manage Your Profile: Update your information, language preferences, and accessibility needs.

During Your Stay

  • Your Digital Room Key: Use your phone to unlock your room and enjoy contactless access.
  • Personalize Your Comfort: Adjust the temperature, lighting, and even blinds to create your ideal environment.
  • Stay Connected: Message housekeeping, concierge, reception, or any department quickly and easily.
  • Seamless Service: Order room service, housekeeping, towels, or any other services with a few taps.
  • Dining Made Easy: View restaurant menus, make reservations, and order takeout, all within the app.
  • Explore And Experience: Discover local attractions, tours, events, and activities, and book them directly.
  • Stay Informed: Receive updates on hotel events, special offers, and local happenings through push notifications.
  • Share Your Thoughts: Provide feedback about your stay through convenient surveys.

Additional Features:

  • Offline Access: Saved hotel information, local guides, and previously viewed menus remain accessible even without the Internet.
  • Multilingual Support: Choose your preferred language from a wide variety for a seamless experience.
  • Accessibility Focus: Adjustable font sizes, high-contrast mode, and voice commands improve accessibility for users with disabilities.



Benefits For Guests

  • Convenience And Efficiency: Manage your entire stay, from reservations to room controls, right from your phone.
  • Personalization: Customize your experience with preferred settings, room control, and activity bookings.
  • Enhanced Communication: Connect easily with hotel staff and access information instantly.
  • Time-Saving: Skip lines, avoid phone calls, and enjoy a smooth and efficient stay.
  • More Time For Relaxation: Spend less time on logistics and enjoy your vacation.

Benefits For Hotels

  • Improved Guest Satisfaction: Enhance the guest experience with a modern and convenient platform.
  • Increased Efficiency: Reduce manual staff interventions through self-service features.
  • Valuable Data Insights: Gather guest feedback and usage data to improve services and personalize offerings.


  • Technology Dependence: Relies on your phone having a working internet connection and sufficient battery life.
  • Learning Curve: New users might require some time to familiarize themselves with the app’s features and functionalities.
  • Potential Technical Issues: App glitches or technical issues could disrupt your experience.
  • Limited Functionality In Some Hotels: Specific features and functionalities may vary depending on the hotel’s implementation.
  • Over-Reliance On The App: Some users might prefer traditional methods of communication with hotel staff.
  • Privacy Concerns: Sharing personal information and location data through the app might raise privacy concerns for some users.
  • Accessibility limitations: While offering accessibility features, the app might not be equally accessible to all users with disabilities.

Download ESPACIO on iOS Using Scarlet IPA Installer

In order to refine and enhance the sideloading process of IPA files onto your iOS device, a critical step necessitates the installation of the Scarlet Application via a PC onto your iPhone or iPad. This particular methodology plays a pivotal role in ensuring a streamlined and efficient transfer of files, contributing significantly to the overall augmentation of your device’s functionality.

The installation of the Scarlet Application establishes a crucial link between your PC and iOS device, fostering a secure and synchronized environment for file transfer. By leveraging this method, users can seamlessly sideload IPA files, expanding the range of applications and functionalities accessible on their Apple devices.

Furthermore, this approach is designed to optimize the user experience, minimizing potential complications during the file transfer process. The integration of the Scarlet Application acts as a technological bridge, harmonizing the interaction between the PC and iOS device, ultimately leading to an elevated level of efficiency and user satisfaction.

In essence, the installation of the Scarlet Application not only streamlines the sideloading procedure but also serves as a testament to the continual evolution of technology, providing users with an advanced and user-friendly mechanism for enhancing the capabilities of their iOS devices.

  • Embark on the installation process by initiating the Crimson app on your iOS device. Locate the “Import” button in the top-right corner, signaling the commencement of your quest to install ESPACIO.
  • Activate the seamless import process by selecting the ESPACIO APK file within the Crimson app. This fundamental step sets the stage for assimilating the desired features into your video streaming arsenal.
  • Brace yourself as the import process nears its conclusion, anticipating an imminent prompt. This subtle signal hints at the impending installation of the ESPACIO application.
  • Sustain momentum by tapping the “Deploy” button. This swift action propels you to the Home Screen, allowing you to monitor the app’s installation progress and ensuring a seamless transition to unlock ESPACIO’s exclusive features.
  • Take a moment as the app gracefully undergoes its installation process. Within mere seconds, witness the triumphant installation of ESPACIO on your iOS device – a testament to the effectiveness of the Crimson Application.
  • Progress to the next phase by accessing your device’s settings. Explore “Settings > General > VPN & Device Management,” where the ESPACIO profile awaits your attention under the “Enterprise App” section.
  • Instill trust in the ESPACIO profile by tapping the “Trust” button. This pivotal step lays the groundwork for seamlessly and securely integrating the application into your device’s intricate framework.
  • If your device operates on iOS 16 or a later version, expand your exploration to “Settings > Privacy & Security > Developer Mode.” Activate Developer Mode to unveil additional functionalities, broadening your realm of possibilities.
  • Finalize the implemented changes with a strategic reboot of your iOS device. This deliberate action cements adjustments made during the installation process, ensuring optimal functionality.
  • Conclude this enlightening journey by launching the app. Immerse yourself in the unlocked features and enriched capabilities that ESPACIO brings to your iOS device. Allow your entertainment experience to flourish as you navigate the intuitively designed interface, exploring the diverse possibilities that this application unfolds at your fingertips.


ESPACIO is used by various hotels and resorts worldwide. You can check if your hotel uses ESPACIO by visiting their website or contacting them directly.

While downloading the app beforehand is recommended for smoother access, most hotels will also provide a link or QR code to download the app upon arrival.

Most hotels will still provide traditional methods of communication and room access in case of such situations.

ESPACIO takes data security seriously and implements industry-standard measures to protect your information. However, as with any online platform, it’s crucial to be cautious about the information you share.

Some basic features like saved hotel information and local guides remain accessible offline. However, most functionalities require an internet connection.

ESPACIO typically supports a wide range of languages, allowing you to choose your preferred language for a seamless experience.

The app is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Most features are straightforward, and most hotels offer tutorials or assistance if needed.

Most hotels have designated staff trained to assist with ESPACIO. You can contact them through the app, reception, or other available channels.

Using the app itself is typically free. However, some services like room service or spa treatments booked through the app may incur additional charges.


In conclusion, ESPACIO by INTELITY aims to revolutionize the guest experience by transforming your smartphone into a powerful digital concierge. It offers a multitude of features, from pre-arrival planning and contactless check-in to in-room controls, activity bookings, and seamless communication with hotel staff.So, if you’re looking for a modern and convenient way to navigate your next hotel stay, give ESPACIO a try. But remember, technology is just a tool, and the human touch can still be the heart of a truly exceptional experience.

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