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Scarlet repository for iOS users: AppInstaller

Would you like your iOS device to become a real reflection of you?Explore the Scarlet repository “Appinstaller”!

It is full of applications and tweaks that help you to personalize the experience that you never could imagine. Be original and customize your iPhone or iPad to reflect your individuality.

What is Appinstaller?

What is Appinstaller

Appinstaller is a unique repository (think of it as an ‘app store within an app store’) accessible through tools like Scarlet. Key features to know about

  • Focus on Tweaks: The majority of apps in App Installer are modified (“tweaked”) versions of popular apps and games. These might unlock premium features, remove restrictions, or add new functionalities.
  • Utilities & Exclusives: You’ll also find a collection of utility tools that enhance your iOS experience in unique ways, plus occasional exclusive apps not found anywhere else.
  • Ease of Use: Appinstaller integrates smoothly with systems like Scarlet, making installation a breeze.

Why Choose Appinstaller?

Here’s what sets Appinstaller apart

  • Curated Collection: In contrast with other independent repositories, Appinstaller is concise and thrives on quality features and selection of original apps for your iPhone.
  • User-Friendliness: When you already have Scarlet installed, the only thing you need is Appinstaller, which is a very simple task.
  • Active Development: The repository is always updated with fresh apps, modifications and corrections among others.

4 Key Features of Appinstaller

Below, you’ll find the four key features of Appinstaller worth exploring:

1. Tweaked Apps Central

The primary purpose of Appinstaller is to bring to the users the customized versions of the most popular apps. These “tweaks” often aim to:

  • Unlock Premium Features: Get access to such features that are usually hidden behind subscription pay-walls or in-app purchases.
  • Remove Restrictions: Memory, Parameters, screen, etc. Limitations are easy to bypass which the original developers of the main app had imposed.
  • Add New Functionality: Make additional customization possible, or add functionality which isn’t supported by the official app version.

2. Utility Tools

Appinstaller has some utilities designed to improve how you use your iOS system. These can include:

  • Customization Tools: Modify the display and functionality of your iPhone beyond the default iOS settings.
  • Automation Tools: Streamline your workflow by creating shortcuts for repetitive tasks or setting up quick template windows for commonly used actions.
  • Enhanced System Controls: Take charge of features and actions within the built-in Apple applications, which are typically less accessible to users.

3. Occasional Exclusives

The app is often going to show you the tools you don’t see anywhere else, like highly customizable emulators or rather cleverly modified apps.

4. Ease of Use

Appinstaller works well with apps like Scarlet or AltStore and makes it easier to browse, install, and arrange apps.

Popular Apps on App Installer

Here are some popular categories and examples to give you a better idea:

Social Media Tweaks

  • YouTube++ (background play, download videos, ad-blocking)
  • Spotify++ (unlocked premium features)
  • Instagram++, Twitter++, etc.


Tools to play games from retro consoles like Game Boy, NES, and more right on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Productivity Enhancers: Applications and tweaks that add functionality or improve workflows.
  • Customization Central: Themes, icon packs, and tools for personalizing your device’s appearance.
  •  uYou+ An improved YouTube experience on par with YouTube++.
  • Many More: Explore to discover tweaks for Instagram, Twitter, popular games, and helpful utilities.

How to Access Apps on the Scarlet iOS Repository

The Scarlet iOS repository offers a world of apps and tweaks beyond the limitations of the Apple App Store. Here’s how to access it:

Step 1: Install Scarlet

  •  Visit the Scarlet website on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Follow the on-screen installation instructions.

Step 2: Adding Repositories

  • Open Scarlet: Launch the Scarlet app you just installed.
  • Find the “Repos” Section: It might also be called “Sources.”
  • Add Repos: Tap the option to “Add Repo” and enter the URL of the specific Scarlet repository (Appinstaller).

Step 3: Browsing and Installing Apps

  • Explore: Browse the repository categories you added. Look for apps, tweaks, games, or utilities that interest you.
  • Install: Tap an app and follow the installation instructions.

Step 4: Restart or reboot your device

  • Upon the installation of the packages from the Scarlet iOS repository, you should reboot or restart your device for the changes to become effective. 
  • This step guarantees that the installed modifications are adequately utilized and are integrated into your iOS device.

Important Considerations

  • Jailbreaking (Not Always Required): Traditionally, using these kinds of repositories required a jailbroken iPhone or iPad. However, tools like Scarlet often work with non-jailbroken devices, though this might limit your possibilities.
  • Understand the Process: Installing apps from unofficial sources involves using your Apple ID to ‘sign’ them. Your device will treat them as if you developed the app yourself.
  • Signing Limitations: Apps installed this way will usually expire after about a week and require re-signing.

Is Appinstaller Right for You?

If any of these resonate with you, Appinstaller might be worth your time:

  • You crave extra features on your favorite apps.
  •  You want to experiment with fun or productivity-enhancing tweaks for iOS.
  • You’re comfortable with basic troubleshooting and the idea of re-signing apps.


The Appinstaller repository is one of the tools among Scarlet and others that open up the horizon of running your iPhone or iPad. It is a mine of endless gems for the daring iOS users seeking for more customization and thrilling features.

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